Remembrance thanks to Corona

It's more than ever....that we become aware of our responsibility in this world. The coronavirus is a messenger, an invitation to global remembrance. How should we deal with this message? How will society develop with this uncertainty in the future? It's about the answer you give to yourself, the answer you feel in your heart, your truth....

This is a time to turn your attention inward, don't pay too much emotional attention to the crisis and the panic coming to you from the various media. What lives in you? That is the question that is important now. What does your heart tell you? Is there a pandemic threatening all humanity? Is this your own truth? Does it feel true in your heart? 


Why? Because you contribute to our shared reality. You are a co-creator of our existence, that is not a choice. You do it consciously or unconsciously, but your contribution counts for all of us. You are partly responsible for our reality and that is great news!


You can influence the spread of a physical virus by keeping social distance and staying at home when you are sick. Of course you also think about your own health, enough vitamins, exercise and rest. But do you know that there is more that you can do?


Most important of all, stay powerful, stay centered and do not go along with the wave of fear, negativity and panic. Don't underestimate how important it is for yourself and the others to avoid stress as much as possible. Science has proven that the "state of mind", frequency, has a huge impact on health. There is also the collective "state of mind". Let's all help out and prevent a collective image of fear and a sickening frequency from developing.


Use the extra time to maintain your balance, focus on your inner being and enjoy the little things in life. Of course there is also room for sadness, fear, anger and insecurity. You are human, just like all of us. Maybe you had to say goodbye to loved ones, that's part of life.. Sometimes that doesn't seem fair at all.


But there is also this: Investigate, be curious, learn about the facts and different perspectives of the Coronavirus. Dare to be critical and put your reality next to the image that is being sketched. Don't believe that what comes to you through the mainstream media is the only truth. Search for your truth. Are the measures that are being applied to fight this pandemic in alignment with your own truth? 


Do you dare to go one step further?

Imagine how your truth creates the best and most beautiful outcome for yourself, the others and the world through the spread of this virus. Embrace this new element of DNA / RNA within creation, welcome Corona into your reality. Open your heart and remember....